Note from J.D.

Aloha freedive and spearo enthusiasts!  What a crazy ride it has been for us the past year.  The short:  We went through hell transitioning to manufacturing ourselves so we could build the product the way you wanted and we wanted it, and we're back!!

The longer version:  We dropped our manufacturer early 2014 and signed on with another manufacturer who never came through.  This set forth a long period of little to no product for us and we worked really hard to find another manufacturer in San Deigo.  We never did, because the aerospace industry here just simply charges too much (like WAY too much).  However, while it was frustrating to us and our customers, it was fruitful.  We sharpened our design and manufacturing in the process.  Our product is basically an aerospace quality design, material, and manufacture, but at a "sporting goods" price.  We worked our tails off and would have totally gone under if I hadn't been able to float the company with my other job, which at times made it difficult to keep up with our communications.  I apologize for that, but we are back and stronger than ever.  To log our accomplishments, we have a sophisticated manufacturing facility up and running.  We introduced new, upgraded design, resin, carbon, aesthetics, rails, and manufacture process.  As far as we know, we are using an industry unique and superior process to ensure an even pressure across our fins in manufacture.  We added a softer version of our popular hybrid soft.  We added our shorter Euro series, destined to be the most comfortable performance fin on the market, including a true "soft" for the purists....but with ridiculous torsional stiffness and stability. 

 ~ JD, founder/CEO Moana Waterman